T.K. Tilling

T.K. Tilling

At T.K. Tiling, we treat tiling as a passion rather than a job. So, rather than being worried about efficiency and productivity, we are more interested in delivering a high quality job to ensure that our clients are always satisfied.  We have many years of experience in the local market. Every order is treated individually to meet customers requirements and expectations.

We specialize in tiling of:

  • residence
  • flats
  • homes
  • business premises

The success of our company comes down to a customer-focused service delivered by a qualified and dedicated team, capable of adapting to customers requirements. The company is driven by its values of pride, passion and excellence with attention to small details.

We care for your ideas and appreciate your feedback, and we strongly believe that with your input and our professional advice, we can deliver the best possible look to suit  your home decor and budget.